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Every piece tells a story, and each story has its own origin.

Limited Edition Pieces

Distinctive by Design

A collection where each piece tells its own distinct tale. Crafted with precision and passion, these designs represent my personal tastes and preferences. Once they find an owner, they’re gone – ensuring that their beauty and uniqueness remain unduplicated.

Gems in Waiting

Stones of Promise

Discover our curated collection of untouched stones, each a blank canvas awaiting your unique vision. They stand by, poised for that perfect moment, the ideal design, and the right owner. Dive in and discover the stone that resonates with you. Let’s connect and find your perfect match.

Visions in Progress

Prototype Designs

Have a look at the designs that are yet to be brought into the tangible world. Each, whether a sketch or a detailed 3D visualisation, holds the potential to become a singular piece of artistry, unmatched in its exclusivity.